Calphalon 1.3 cu ft 1000W Air Fry Microwave Oven - Matte Black

Calphalon 1.3 cu ft 1000W Air Fry Microwave Oven - Matte Black

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11.81 Inches (H) x 21.22 Inches (W) x 16.5 Inches (D).

Ultimate Cooking Versatility
-The multifunctional air fryer, convection oven and microwave features combo speed cooking in one device for 3 appliances in 1.

Air Fry Technology
-Air fry with little on no oil for healthier, crunchy fried favorites like chicken, shrimp, wings and french fries. The easy clean air fry kit provides more frying surface area with better air circulation compared to traditional air fryers. Air frying does not use the microwave, but uses the built-in heating elements.

True Convection
-Heated air circulates throughout the oven as food spins 360 degrees, cooking your food faster and more evenly without hot spots. You can even broil and bake foods with direct heat, such as fish, chicken and fresh oven baked goods.

Auto-Cook Menus
-5 auto cook menus, popcorn, potato, beverage, reheat and frozen dinner. For any of the auto-cook menus, it is not necessary to input the power level or cooking time. The oven will automatically set the cooking program based on the menus and food weight selected.